Back to School

Hey friends!

My family enjoyed a great summer! Mostly, we took it easy--no weekly scheduled activities. It's wonderful to have leisure time during the week to swim, play outside, go to the library and just relax as a family. 

Above: The girls celebrating Daddy's 30th birthday.

Below: Splash park happiness!

Tomorrow, the girls go back to Montessori school. Nomi, my oldest, could not be more excited. I'm interested to see if she'll wake up and be ready to get going. She never needed to be woken up over the summer, and doesn't have a great track record with waking up and getting ready in the past. To try to make it easier on her (and mostly me), I put her and the baby to bed in their school clothes. Hopefully, the girls will transition easily so they can be back to jammies soon! 

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting sleepy kids up and about in the morning? 

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