Welcome to Nomi & Coco!

Along with providing hair bows and accessories for girls to express themselves with, it is my passion to give a platform to wonderful girls and women everywhere. 

Periodically, outstanding girls and women will be highlighted on the blog. Naomi & Coco wants to honor girls and women who give back to their communities, work very hard on their own passions or strive to make the world a better place. If you or someone you know and love fits this description, please drop me a line at Natalie@nomiandcoco.com for consideration. 

One of my passions at Nomi & Coco is hair care- particularly natural hair care for girls with curls. Keep on the look out for styling and care tips. 

Stay tuned for the fall collection launch of hair bows *and* accessories. I am so excited to expand our line for Fall 2016 and include new products! Check out the blog and Instagram (@nomiandcoco) for snippets as the line gets closer to launching.  



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